Lee Lozowick

Lee Lozowick is an alchemist songwriter, poet and author who combines down-to-earth lyrics with rousing performances to move audiences from all walks of life. Based in Arizona, he is the lead singer for the European band The Lee Lozowick Project, as well as the American blues group, SHRI. He has been hitting the road for 20 years, playing all the independent American and European blues and rock venues.

The Lee Lozowick Project has put out 2 solo albums with his own original lyrics, produced and composed by Paul Durham of the renowned American rock group Black Lab, as well as 2 albums recorded live on tour in Europe and India.

Lee learned the ropes as lyricist and singer with the rock group Liars, Gods and Beggars (LGB) that he created in 1981 and with whom he toured for 12 years. The group had self-produced and distributed ten thousand albums by the time it disbanded in 1999.

Starting in 1989, Lee also toured in Europe, playing at the Hamburg, Berlin, and Magdeburg festivals.

Encouraged by fans and musicians to perform his own lyrics in a new music project, The Lee Lozowick Band formed in 2006 and now hosts its own annual European Tour.





Crushed by Love (Écrasé par l’amour) 2005
Broken Angel (L’Ange brisé) 2006
Live in Europe 2007
Live in India 2008
Tongue of Venom