A Presence Behind the Lens
  Photography and Reflections


by Nicolas Hlobeczy
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk with an outstanding photographer of the twentieth century, exploring narrow canyons, or abandoned farmhouses? Join photographer Nicholas Hlobeczy in this newly released book that combines memoir and fine photography.

In part a meditation on the use of photography for personal growth, A Presence Behind the Lens also includes stories of Hlobeczy's work with mentor and friend, Minor White. The author shares stories of poignant moments from his life's journey which has led to the discovery of "presence" behind the lens.

The book contains 21 black and white photographs. Readers with some appreciation of the Gurdjieff work may find a special resonance here: the author credits The Gurdjieff Teaching as one of his major influences on the way.

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208 pages
clothbound - 9 X 12