Michael Mooney & Nelson Vergel

Michael Mooney is a journalist and nutritional researcher and advocate for holistic therapies in the treatment of HIV. He is the director of research and communication for PoWeR (Program for Wellness Restoration). He has published a regular newsletter promoting their work, and maintained their comprehensive website. Michael has been interviewed by Sports Illustrated, quoted on Good Morning American,  and has published articles in various publications in the U.S. and worldwide, including: European AIDS Treatment News, Musclemag, Ironman and Muscle Media. He lives in Los Angeles.

Nelson Vergel, chemical engineer, founder of and Director of the Body Wellness Center/Houston, has been HIV(+) for 19 years. He experimented with the principles set forth in Built to Survive and is living proof of their effectiveness. “The time has come to treat HIV comprehensively with not only anti-retrovirals, but also with life-enhancing complementary therapies. … Minimizing the side effects (of drug therapies) is key to living better and longer. We hope we can make it easier to conquer many of them with our book,” says Vergel. He lives in Houston, Texas.



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