Humbart “Smokey” Santillo, N.D.

Humbart "Smokey" Santillo was born and raised in Lockport, New York, and received  his Bachelor of Science degree from Edinboro State Teachers College in Pennsylvania, which he attended on football and track scholarships.

Following graduation from college, and battling scores of allergies and signs of rheumatoid arthritis, Smokey spent three futile years in traditional medical treatment, employing prescription drugs to no avail. With the indomitable spirit that has come to characterize all his future work, he began the intensive research and study that eventually produced a real solution to his problems.

Over the course of many years, Smokey sought out experts in the fields of biology, chemistry, medical botany, naturopathic medicine, and other alternative approaches to health care. Apprenticing himself to these teachers until he had mastered the discipline for himself, Smokey earned the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy and Master Herbalist, a foundation on which he has built his continued research into

As early as the 1970s, and with all the enthusiasm of his youth,  Smokey began extensive travel,  educating health food stores owners everywhere about herbs and the invaluable resources of herbal medicine. This same dedicated persistence marked his pioneering efforts to introduce the understanding of enzymes and the need for enzyme supplementation to the health food field at large.

Dr. Santillo is the creator of Juice Plus and has authored six books. Since 1978, "Smokey" has lectured throughout the U.S. and in many other countries. His work is receiving growing recognition in Europe, in particular. In England, his Herbal Correspondance Course is widely used as a primary source for the training of herbalists



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